The Essential Label is the first milestone in a labelling journey that enables Defence and Security firms to pursue ethical, social and environmental goals. The ProD&S Label acknowledges the steps undertaken by these professionals.

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CDR Conseils: the result of 20 years of experience

CDR Conseils

CDR Conseils is the result of 20 years of experience at the crossroads of digital technologies, intelligence and defence systems. Designing tomorrow’s systems by incorporating fast-developing and prolific innovation requires a 360° vision which combines:

  • Continuous market intelligence on the latest information technologies: big data, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, etc.
  • A network of trustworthy partners regularly kept up to date: this is crucial in order to benefit from the best skills in each area.
  • Transition management: a vision and experience in transition management. Digital transformation will, in the short or longer term, entail a transformation of practices, jobs and working patterns.
  • Systems of systems: an ability to understand and analyse systems of systems. The tight interconnection of components and the complexity of existing systems mean that systems have to be considered with an end-to-end approach.

Founded in August 2018, CDR Conseils advises start-ups, SMEs and large companies in a range of activities: Strategy & Business Development, Project management, Leading and drafting of technical and commercial bids.

SAS - Strategic Airlift Support

Strategic Airlift Support is a company specialising in the air transport of sensitive and hazardous equipment, in particular for the French Ministry of the Armed Forces.

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La Compagnie des Pyrénées creates a circular economy for the benefit of mineral water

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A company of a brand-new type, La Compagnie des Pyrénées has built its industrial facilities and business model in accordance with the principles of the French Act on energy transition for green growth. It is the result of a collective undertaking combining ecological conversion, economic performance and societal commitment.

This lengthy process, conducted in collaboration with local stakeholders, has enabled the company to fulfil many challenges: eco-design, by using all the alternatives to plastic; waste recycling, by collecting them directly from their customers; useful lifecycle, by promoting reuse and return; responsible consumption, with 100% green energy; and the functional economy.

The spring used by LCDP produces one of the purest waters in France. sourced at an altitude of more than 1200m in an unspoilt environment, this mountain mineral water has dry residue content of under 70 mg per litre.

From 2021, LCDP will thus sell still, sparking, functional and flavoured (100% organic) water in a full range of materials (glass, aluminium, cans, card, bioPET).

Providing water that has been entirely designed in an eco-friendly perspective means adopting positive ecology from the very first contact with one’s clients, partners and teams. It is also a way of reassuring them in their decision to drink bottled water, bringing them into community of enlightened and engaged consumers to help them contribute to the protection and enhancement of our environment.” Damien Chalret du Rieu • Chairman of LCDP

We want to become a reference in the cooperation between local authorities, government agencies and economic players to act as inspiration for other initiatives.” Sébastien Crussol • Managing Director of LCDP